Easycorp scammed me, natasha komar, diane owen…scammed me

I guess it’s official now.

It’s been a year since EasyCorp LTD closed my bank account, without notice, and took all the money that was on it. I had used them to incorporate my LLC in the US and paid them a lot to open and maintain the bank account that came with it.

As you can read in my blog post about the easycorp scam they refused to pay me back the money that was still in my account. Furthermore they had been taking small amounts from my account as well. And as other people in the comments prove, I wasn’t the only one.

Li for instance was scammed by easycorp as well, in his case it was Diane Owen who scammed him. I only had contact with Diane Owen a couple of times. Natasha Komar was the person who continued lying into my face.

It’s a sad they.

And ow yes, their website has been down for several weeks as well now. Guess they closed up shop.

Guess what scam the easycorp people are going to come up with next.

Also, let’s not forget the founder, Stéphane Perrin he’s the guy who formed the company, the mastermind behind this scam. They took a lot of people’s money.

Ah and before I forget. Seems like the Postal Mailforwarding address they gave me in Delaware, that I had been paying for, wasn’t in use anymore since 2 years. They never
notified me and kept billing me (I luckily never advertised it on my website). I just got
notice from the company EasyCorp had been using…that they were a fraud.

Yep…you read it right. EasyCorp, that was an incorporation company, used another incorporation company for the incorporations…are you still with me?

What a scheme.


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