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Easycorp LTD scammed me out of a lot of money

I used

Easy Corp (GB) Ltd
Barnett House
53 Fountain Street
Manchester, M2 2AN
United Kingdom

To open an American Bank account for an LLC I started in 2009. The process to open a bank account was not cheap and cost me well over 4000 Euros, much more than was advertised, but I got my bank account, credit card and was a happy customer…so I thought.

Because I was a non resident Alien to the United States based bank, my account was opened by Stéphane Perrin, the founder of easycorp. That was weird,but OK, I went with it.

Month after month, small amounts were taken from my account that were not part of any of the services I asked for. Think about 300 Dollars per month for ‘compliance’ and other weird costs on top of the monthly fees I had to pay to use their services. The monthly fees were advertised, I knew about them, those compliance things were new to me. Some months, more than 500 USD/month would be taken for my account.

When I contacted support, Diane Owen or Natasha Komar, they sometimes had no explanation for a certain charge, told me something went wrong and that I would be sent a check with a refund. Those checks never arrived…duh…

The fun started in november of 2012, when my account was closed, just like that. Nobody even informed me. I had to find out the hard way when I tried to use he credit card and it was rejected. There were a couple of thousand of dollars on the account before it was closed.

Of course, I sent an E-mail to Natasha Komar and Diane Owen. I was told “this happens all the time, don’t worry, we will open a new account and a check with the balance of your account is underway”. That check, you guessed it, never arrived.

Then attempts to contact Stéphane Perrin, Natasha Komar or Diane Owen were fruitless. Nobody got back to me and I had just lost a lot of money.

I started to search the internet to find out if Stephane Perrin and EasyCorp LTD had scammed other people and stolen their money too. Of course they did…I found stories on forums and even the BBB (Better Business Bureau) showed many unresolved complaints. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t search for this before I contracted them.

Then I remembered I had found them because Bizfilings, the company I had used to incorporate my LLC had recommended them at the time. Of course, they have by now removed all links to Easycorp LTD as well.

After many attempts I finally got an E-mail back from Natasha Komar by the end of 2012, she promised me a check had been sent…and since he didn’t arrive, she would send a new one.

We’re may 2013 when I write this, and I still did not get a new check from Easycorp. Attempts to contact Stephane Perrin, the founder of Easycorp, didn’t lead to anything. When I send an E-mail to Easycorp, I even get an automated reply from their mailserver where I see my E-mail address is blocked.

Yeah…they are that bad.

So I started this blog to share my story. If you are thinking about using Easycorp, think again. Search for the stories from others you’ll find on the web and you’ll see easycorp is a scam, they scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money by taking small amounts out of their accounts every month, or by closing down bank accounts and not refunding the money that was still on it.

Stéphane Perrin is a fraud…and the people who work for him are no better.
End of my rant 🙂 Be warned!


mybusinessindelaware.com scam

Just to make sure everyone is warned. Easycorp, the company that scammed me and many others. Is trying to pop up using a different name, it’s mybusinessindelaware.com or mybusinessindelaware

You can most probably consider them a scam as well, since the mafia founder, Stephane Perrin, seems to be behind it as well.

Stay away!

Easycorp scammed me, natasha komar, diane owen…scammed me

I guess it’s official now.

It’s been a year since EasyCorp LTD closed my bank account, without notice, and took all the money that was on it. I had used them to incorporate my LLC in the US and paid them a lot to open and maintain the bank account that came with it.

As you can read in my blog post about the easycorp scam they refused to pay me back the money that was still in my account. Furthermore they had been taking small amounts from my account as well. And as other people in the comments prove, I wasn’t the only one.

Li for instance was scammed by easycorp as well, in his case it was Diane Owen who scammed him. I only had contact with Diane Owen a couple of times. Natasha Komar was the person who continued lying into my face.

It’s a sad they.

And ow yes, their website has been down for several weeks as well now. Guess they closed up shop.

Guess what scam the easycorp people are going to come up with next.

Also, let’s not forget the founder, Stéphane Perrin he’s the guy who formed the company, the mastermind behind this scam. They took a lot of people’s money.

Ah and before I forget. Seems like the Postal Mailforwarding address they gave me in Delaware, that I had been paying for, wasn’t in use anymore since 2 years. They never
notified me and kept billing me (I luckily never advertised it on my website). I just got
notice from the company EasyCorp had been using…that they were a fraud.

Yep…you read it right. EasyCorp, that was an incorporation company, used another incorporation company for the incorporations…are you still with me?

What a scheme.